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You Haven’t Received Withdrawal Confirmation E-mail?


When you want to withdraw your funds, you will be asked for the confirmation of your withdrawal. Normally, the withdrawal confirmation e-mail is received by your registered e-mail in Mercatox. But, there are some points what you have to understand if the withdrawal confirmation e-mail is not received yet.

1.     Sometimes, e-mail services have delays. It may take some time for you to receive it.

2.     If after an hour it is still not arrived yet, please kindly check your spam or junk mail in your e-mail system.

3.     Please make sure that your internet connection is running well.

4.     Your 2FA GOOGLE AUTH IS ENABLED. You will not receive the withdrawal confirmation e-mail if you have enabled 2FA Google Auth in your account, because the withdrawal confirmation will be only done by your 2FA Google Auth,

  • ATTENTION! Don’t copypaste 2FA number code, but type it!  Otherwise, you will not confirm your withdrawal.

You can cancel your withdrawal request, then try it again. The cancelation can be done by clicking sign [ X ] in your withdrawal list. 

If your problem still exists and some points above haven’t helped you, please kindly contact Mercatox’s support. 


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