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How to Withdraw



1. Login to MERCATOX Official Website:  

2. After logging in, you will be directed to your E-Wallet / My Wallet page of your account ( 

 3.  If you are going to withdraw bitcoin, click the button [Withdraw] in Bitcoin section.


4. After the dialogue box appears, what you have to do is:

      a.   Input the deposit/recipient/destination bitcoin wallet address from other exchange or external bitcoin wallet into Address form such as below:


 b.  Fill the amount of bitcoin that you want to withdraw into the Amount form such as below:


Important note:

-  You always have to pay attention about the minimum of withdrawal in each coin that you want to withdraw. The withdrawal which less than the minimum withdrawal will not be processed.

-  Please be careful about this. The amount that you filled into Amount form will be reduced by transaction fee (adjustable). In final, you will get the amount of bitcoin that written in such as below:


-  So, please make sure that Total Amount in the field will be the same as the result that you want to receive in destination wallet. 

       c.   Adjust the fee of the transaction as you want. -  Please, pay attention about the minimum and maximum fee of the transaction. The speed of transaction confirming in the Bitcoin network depends on the amount of fee and current network conditions. Transactions with a low fee can never receive confirmation on the network. The higher the fee the faster the transaction will be confirmed. Mercatox also has the recommendation of transaction fee for you. J d. Click [Submit] for execution your withdrawal.

5. After clicking [Submit], the system will send us a link to confirm your withdrawal into your registered email address. So, open your email then click that confirmation link.

 6. After confirming withdrawal, you can check the status of your withdrawal: Go back to Mercatox Official Website, Click [E-Wallet] → [Transaction History]. You will see the transaction history that ever made in your account.

 7. Your withdrawal will be confirmed by blockchain network first. After the confirmation complete, the withdrawal will be automatically funded to your destination wallet address. 

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