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How to Deposit


1. Login to MERCATOX Official Website:


2. After logging in, you will be directed to the E-Wallet page of your account ( 

 3. If you are going to deposit bitcoin, click the button [Deposit] in Bitcoin section.

 4. After the dialogue box appeared, copy your deposit address. Deposit address has to input as the withdrawal/recipient/destination address on other exchanges or external bitcoin wallet you are sending from.

Important note:


a. You can just click it for copying our wallet address.

b. Please, pay attention to the minimum deposit required for every coins or tokens in Mercatox. Depositing with amount less than the minimum deposit will not be processed. 

c. The coins or tokens that you will send have to be same as whom the wallet address based on. Sending different currency to that address will result in loss of deposit. In this case, we are only allowed to send bitcoin to that address. Sending another currency will make your deposit loss. 


5. Sending bitcoin from wallet as the example, paste Mercatox’s bitcoin deposit address into destination wallet address field, along with the quantity of sending. Please, make sure that your amount of sending is not less than a minimum deposit in Mercatox.

6. After the execution of sending, you can check the status of your deposit: Go back to Mercatox Official Website, Click [E-Wallet] → [Transaction History]. You will see the transaction history that ever made in your account.

7. Your deposit will be confirmed by blockchain network first. When transaction will get a proper number of confirmations, the deposit will be automatically funded to your Mercatox account.

Happy Trading. J



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