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How to Trade


1. Login to MERCATOX Official Website:


2. After logging in, you will be directed to your E-Wallet / My Wallet page of your account ( So, you have to click [TRADE] to go seeing the market. 

 3. Now You are on the Trade page, so You can choose freely which market we wanted.


4. If you want to trade in ETH with BTC, just type ETH in the search form.


5. You will see some cryptocurrency markets that traded by ETH. So, click ETH/BTC to start the transaction.


6. If you are going to buy ETH :

a. First, we need to check [SELL ORDERS] and [BUY ORDERS] box. We are free to choose either:

(1) setting limit order to purchase.

(2) buying at the current price.


 b. Second, we need to go transaction box for buying or selling coins. As the example, we will set a limit buy order to purchase ETH.


 c. If we have set order buy ETH, we only need to wait until our order has been executed by the seller. If we are not patient enough to wait our order is executed, we can cancel our order and prefer to buy ETH as the current price on the market [SELL ORDER PRICE].

We can see our active order in [MY ORDER] box. For more detailed information about our active order can be seen in of your account.

d. We also can see the transactions just happened on that markets at the current time in [TRADE HISTORY] box. We also can see our own transaction history that ever happened on that market in [MY TRADE HISTORY] box.


For more detailed information about our own transaction history, it also can be seen in of our account.

 -          Happy Trading -




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